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Restoration and Repair of Graves and Headstones in Ireland

We provide a professional grave restoration service for all types of headstones throughout Ireland. Our craftsmen expertly renovate Headstones and graves, returning them to their original condition, where possible. This will include the surrounds and accessories. Listed below, is a collection of several grave restoration work we have carried out. Click on any of the pictures to view larger 'Before and After' headstones renovations.

Headstones Renovation 1

Esker Cemetery Before

Renovation 1 After

Esker Cemetery After

Hi Gill,

I would like to say a very big Thank you to yourself and Kevin for the beautiful restoration work you recently did on the family grave in Esker. There was so many opinions I had to consider and you very kindly and patiently addressed every part of the restoration that had to be reconsidered or altered. We are so happy with the outcome as it exceeds everything we invisiged. So thank you again for such a beautiful professional job and for being so kind and understanding.

Kind regards, Sandra -- February 2017

Headstones Renovation 2

2 Before

Renovation 2 After

2 After

Headstones Renovation 3

3 Before

Renovation 3 After

3 After

Headstones Renovation 1

4 Before

Renovation 4 After

4 After

Headstones Renovation 5

5 Before

Renovation 5 After

5 After

Headstones Renovation 6

6 Before

Renovation 6 After

6 After

Headstones Renovation 7

7 Before

Renovation 7 After

7 After

Headstones Renovation 87

8 Before

Renovation 8 After

8 After